Annual Conference of Indian Society of Electrocardiology ISECON 2019

KHABOR 24 KOLKATA : Cardiac rhythm disturbances sometimes are known as heart rhythm disturbances or arrhythmias. Arrhythmias are abnormal or irregular heartbeats. These disturbances disrupt your heart’s electrical signals and can cause your heart to beat too fast, too slowly, or in an abnormal way. Worldwide millions of people are suffering from heart rhythm diseases. Many people die suddenly or collapse while travelling or during mild exertion. There reports when young sportsmen die in the field suddenly. These are all due to cardiac arrhythmias. In one research papers it has been observed that about 1 out of 18 people are suffering from some sort of heart rhythm diseases. The number is more when they have other heart diseases like ischaemic heart disease, heart valve disease or heart muscle disease. About 20 lakh people do experience sudden collapse due to cardiac arrhythmia in America every year. Cardiac arrhythmias bear a major impact on our social life.Indian Society of Electrocardiology is organizing their annual conference of this year 2019 (ISECON 2019) at Kolkata. Dr Rabin Chakraborty, organizing Secretary of the ISECON 2019said that in this conference heart rhythm and ECG experts from all over India will discuss how a simple ECG can detect a potential cause of sudden death in an otherwise normal individual. In this 2 and half days symposium the simple ways that how ECG a very common test of every heart patient can precisely diagnose the nature of a major heart attack, sudden death, heart failure and how doctors’ can decide the correct treatment from a simple ECG findings will be discussed with physicians from the entire country, Dr Chakraborty mentioned. Lot of advanced technologies for heart failure treatment, sudden death preventions, radiofrequency ablation, Home Monitoring of Pacemakers, special techniques of pacemaker implantations will be discussed by eminent electrophysiologists. Robot assisted therapy in heart rhythm management will be discussed.There are special sessions on how fatal cardiac arrhythmias may cause sudden death of people who have bad habits of snoring while in Sleep (Sleep Apnoea). And how such complications can be completely prevented, mentioned Dr S. B. Gupta, Founder member and chief advisor of the Indian Society of Electrocardiology.Heart rhythm diseases can be potentially cause of premature death. But today with advancement of technology, like Cardiac Electrophysiology and Radiofrequency ablation these lethal cardiac arrhythmias are completely curable. The cost of such treatment is not much expensive. But in our country there is significant shortage of Cardiac Electrophysiologists or heart rhythm specialists. Many hospitals do not have facilities of cardiac electrophysiology and Radiofrequency ablation. Knowledge and understanding of ECG and heart rhythm disorders among physicians need to improved to a great extent.Commonest cause of sudden collapse in the road of otherwise normal people is heart rhythm diseases or problem at the electrical circuit of the heart. Such unfortunate incident of sudden collapse which at time may cause untimely loss of young lives may be completely recovered if common people even non medical people can be trained on basic life support.In the Western world many busy places like airport, railway stations, areas wherever there are mass gathering, facilities like automated Electrical defibrillator(AED) may save lives of many people. In this conference a Workshop has been organized to train common people, non-medical professionals, paramedical team members. Chiranjeev HRIDAY Project team along with Indian Society of Electrocardiology jointly take the initiative to organize a 2hours long’Hands on’Practical Workshop on Basic Life Support and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation named as Personal Empowerment of Emergency Response (PEER) in this conference said Dr Ashish Nabar from Mumbai, General Secretary of the Society. Dr Jayaprakash S, from Bangalore, President of the Indian Society of Electrocardiology emphasized that basic understanding of Heart Rhythm and first line management of acute heart rhythm disorders can save many lives. In the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum of Medical Education fundamental training of resuscitation of heart attack patients is the utmost necessity. Similarly paramedical personals like nurses, technicians, ambulance team must have basic knowledge of ECGs. In his Presidential Oration Dr Jayaprakash will deliver talks on sudden collapse or Syncope and its management. From his personal research Professor Jayaprakash of Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, Bangalore will educate the delegates about Syncope a heart rhythm disorders when such patients are often misguided to other departments. A team care approach is very much required.About 550 doctors from all over India will be attending this conference from all over India. In addition about 100 nurses, technicians, paramedical staff registered for this conference.There are about 15 academic sessions and a 2 hours ‘Hands on’ practical workshop on Cardiac Life Support management in this meeting. Dr Pradip Mitra, Director of Medical Education of West Bengal Health Education is the Chief Guest. Professor Dr Bhabatosh Biswas, Former Vice Chancellor of the West Bengal Health University, Professor Saikat Maitra, Vice Chancellor of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology and Dr. Tapati Dutta, Dean of Science and Professor of Physics are special Guests of Honour for this scientific and academicconference.We hope that this will be also very much important for general mass also since this discussion on the knowledge of the latest art of technic of treatment & prevention to our physicians, is very much necessary. Such conference is an important step to achieve this goal