Sahitya Akademi Observes International Women’s Day in a Befitting Way

PIB : Sahitya Akademi, today organised a seminar in its auditorium today to observe the International Women’s Day where distinguished women intelligentsia spoke about their experiences and challenges of their profession.
Among the speakers were Smt Sanjukta Dasgupta, noted writer, poet and academician, well-known singer Smt Shampa Kundu, renowned journalist and film critic Smt Shoma A Chatterjee and reputed lawyer and stage-artist Smt Tapati Dasgupta.
Smt Sanjukta Dasgupta opined that the society we live in reflects gender discrimination throughout and to end such a malice awareness at every corner of the society is required and that is possible through thorough education. She even said that through one’s own achievement, one can be the monarch.
According to Smt Shampa Kundu, women must be self-sufficient and they should make it clear that they don’t seek pity but they want to be on their own and not depend on others.
Smt Soma A Chatterjee pointed out to the fact that no one can under-estimate without one’s consent and advised all women to their liabilities into assets.
Smt Tapati Dasgupta opined that it is the responsibility of the Government also to take appropriate measures to end gender biasness. She even dealt with the legal guidelines for women who are working to deal with sexual harassment in workplaces and mentioned the Vishakha guidelines.