the 11th Annual Conference of Society for Cardiac Intervention

KHABOR 24 :Heart disease, especially cardio vascular disease is increasing day by day in our country. Now young persons are also suffered from this disease too. According to WHO, if it is so happened, soon it will be epidemic in our country. In this perspective, the 11th Annual Conference of Society for Cardiac Intervention (SCI) is very much important to Medical India which is held on 7th and 8th September 2019 at ITC Sonar  in Kolkata. It is an interesting and comprehensive 2 days long program on Complex Coronary Interventions in front of National and International faculties along with about 300 delegates & faculties coming from all over India. Dr. Monotosh Panja, renowned senior cardiologist and President of SCI has said that in this year, Society has been concentrated to the SARC countries and about 15 internationally famous faculties of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Srilanka have been participated to this International Conference. He has also said ‘it is our matter of pride that probably this is the first time, Live demonstration has been made to the conference from National Heart Institute Bangladesh along with Nilratan Sarkar Medical College & Hospital and Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata. In Bangladesh this demo has been headed by Dr. Faizala Malik, world famous heart specialist.  We hope the knowledge to be gathered will enlighten the cardiologists, healthcare professionals and others involved in cardiac interventions, research and therapeutics. The conference discussions will provide participants an unique opportunity for face to face interactions and tutorials to learn and enrich oneself not to mention the sharing of knowledge enfolding the updates, breakthroughs and solutions to interventional cardiology and the development of the common protocols.

In this year, in two day’s conference, much importance has been given to the Structural heart diseases, latest device and treatment like ‘Trans aortic valve Implantation (TAVI)’ or TAVR and Cardiac emergency. Dr. PC Mandal, Organizing Secretary of this conference has said that the latest interventional treatments of heart or non-coronary cardio vascular diseases are available in our country even in our Kolkata too. Dr. DP Sinha has been informed that it is a matter of fact that in cardiac emergency or at the time of heart attack, every moment is important and in this golden hour proper decision and latest treatment is very much essential to save the life of the patient. Live cases also will be performed by National and International operators and demonstrated in conference in Kolkata. The directive lectures on clinical cardiology, interactive lectures on Interventional Cardiology, discovery of new drugs, new stent device, new methods of procedure and present Complex & challenging Cases have been delivered by the renowned National Faculties of the country. Various Workshops and courses are held along with the same of Cath Lab technologists and Cath lab sisters. The presidential address has been given by DR. Monotosh Panja and DR. PC Mandal has given his speech in Inaugural program as organizing secretary.   DR. PK Hazra and DR. Saroj Mandal also have said about the new researches, drugs and procedure done in Kolkata in their speech. All the renowned cardiologists of the city along with the internationally famous national faculties have graced the occasion by their august presence.

Professor DR. Sukumar Mukherjee, Renowned physician of the country has graced the occasion as Chief Guest and inaugurates the program. We hope that this will be also very much important for general mass also since this discussion on the knowledge of the latest art of technic of treatment & prevention to our physicians, is very much necessary. Such conference is an important step to achieve this goal.