The 8th International conference on Allergy & asthma ALLERCON-2019

umesh roy khaboe 24 kolkata :

With a great pleasure it is being announced that ‘ALLERCON-2019’ the 8th Annual international conference on Allergy & Asthma organized by Allergy And Asthma Research Center (AARC) in collaboration with Department of Zoology, University of calcutta and Indian Chest Society has been held on 2nd & 3rd March at Rashmanch swabhumi Kolkata. It is a large International Meet of Allergy Specialist Doctors as well as Dermatologists and Chest specialists where about 250 leading doctors and 30 faculties coming from all over West Bengal and various States of the country and abroad and discuss on thepostmodern treatment and latest technology of Allergy & Asthma along with the effect of Pollution.

ALLERCON is one of the largest platforms of India for doctors, researchers & scientists associated with allergy of human being. DR. Arijit das, DR. saibal Maytra, DR. Aratrika Das, DR. ritabrato Mitra, DR. Surajit Chatterjee and almost all the renowned Doctors in this field of West Bengal and other states have been present to the meet.

DR. Arijit Das has said that AARC is a premier research & treatment centre on Allergy and Immunology in Kolkata as well as in West Bengal. Starting from early seventies of the last century, today the centre has taken part an important role on diagnosis, tests & treatment of allergy in Kolkata aas well as West bengal and even in Bangladesh. Besides at Rittik Clinic of  Moulali and Purnadas Road it have many primary centres all over West Bengal.

Pollution and prevention & treatment of pollution related allergy and recovery is the theme of this prestigious Conference. Pollution is not only a Global Hazard but also it is a growing problem in our country too.  The cases of Allergy and asthma have been increased day by day and turn to complex cases due to pollution.  It is also proved that our respiratory system has been affected mostly by the air pollution in the urban regions. Due to increased pollution, asthma & respiratory diseases  have been increased in geometric progression. Mass awareness is very much necessary along with legal action for decrease of pollution. To increase the mass awareness on pollution and its solution, such conference is very much necessary.

DR. Saibal Moitra has said that the various new evidence based scientific method of treatments on the latest technics of the treatments of common as well as drug induced and rare allergies are the major attraction of this conference. It will be a big academic feast, rich in scientific content. Some topics like treatment of Respiratory medicine in Omics era,  Allergy Immunotherapy, severe asthma and many other diseases a are very much unique and important.

Mr. Sandeep kumar Goswami has said that Prof. DR. Randolf Brehler of University Hospital, Muenster, Germany and Prof. Dr. P. K. Vedenthan of University of Colorado will grace the occasion by their august presence.

Dr. Pradip Kumar Mitra, The Director of Medical education west Bengal, has been present to the Inaugural program as a special guest of Honour with the leading doctors.