West Bengal “ is being launched under the able Principal Investigator Dr Debabrata Roy

নিজস্ব সংবাদদাতা খবর ২৪: Cardiological Society of India (CSI)has always conducted and encouraged research works in the field of cardiovascular diseases for advancement of knowledge. In consonance with that tradition West Bengal chapter of CSI has also contributed to the field of research. In that endeavour the latest research project on” Epidemiological Assessment of the prevalence of standard risk factors for cardiovascular atherosclerotic disease across West Bengal “ is being launched under the able Principal Investigator Dr Debabrata Roy.Local data is very much important for latest treatment and research for any branch of Modern Medical Science. But in various fields, these are insufficient in our country. In this point of view, in the field of cardiology it is a great step to achieve the goal.A survey will be done in different classes of people for this research across the West Bengal. The state has been divided into five geographical regions for this purpose. These are: Gangatic Bengal, Himalayan region, North Bengal Plain, Rarh Bangla and Mallabhum region. The main objective of this research project is to find out the prevalence of risk factors in different parts of West Bengal to frame scientific guidelines of combating and preventing the menace of escalating Coronary Artery Disease in West Bengal.DR. P. S. Banerjee, DR. P, K, Deb, DR. M. K. Das, DR. Monoranjan Mandal, DR. Debbrata Roy, DR. Bhabani Prasad Chatterjee & DR. Dilip Kumar has been meet the press along with many other interventional cardiologists of the city. The synopsis of the project has been enclosed for detail study.